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The spirit of Indiana in athletics must be the spirit of the team. The team must be competitive in spirit and have the will to win over and above the will to star... Without this spirit of the team and this goal of school above self, we fail miserably--not only here in our sports life, but in the world of business and society after we leave this campus...With it, we exemplify the true spirit of Indiana in athletics.

More recently, the motto of "24 Sports, One Team" has been embraced by all of us at IU Athletics. It's our way of saying that we best pursue our individual goals by working together for the greater good.

The Spirit of Indiana: 24 Sports, One Team is a statement of who Indiana University Athletics is in the great IU tradition of "The Indiana Creed of Sportsmanship" and the "The Spirit of Indiana." It's our touchstone. It's our standard for setting priorities, allocating resources and making decisions. It's who we are and who we become.

Five Priorities of Indiana Athletics:

Playing by the rules;
Being well in mind, body and spirit;
Achieving academically;
Excelling athletically; and
Integrating with the University.

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