GT Beginner's Guide

  1. Fully developed Social Media Platform Global Talent's user interface is reminiscent of LinkedIn + Facebook but differs by offering 100% focus on sports. The platform is adapted for all sports globally and offers tailored user profiles for all cornerstones of the sport's ecosystem: athletes, associations, academic institutes, sports academies, clubs, teams, coaches, scouts, fans and sports brands.
  2. Sports Recruiting -Global Talent Market Search engine with screening functions + matchmaking between athletes and academic institutes / sports academies / clubs / teams / scouts. When matching, direct communication isenabled.Digital Agent = digital tool for athletes in all sports to promote themselves globally, be discovered and take the next step in their careers. Sports CV (+ Academic CV forthose applying for scholarships) Digital Scout= digital tool for academic institutes / sports academies / clubs / teams / scouts to promote themselves globally, discover and recruit athletes. Digital Invite= Targeted offers to athletes for tryouts or scholarships –sent from academic institutes / sports academies / clubs / teams / scouts. Digital Agents + Digital Scouts + Digital Invites have built-in sharing functions to enable distribution even outside GT's platform (social media, e-mail, SMS, etc.)
  3. Fair Play Agents The current system of traditional sports agents is outdated. Excessive sums (4-15%) that could have remained with athletes and clubs disappear into the agents' own pockets. GT offers a fairer and more modern system where all athletes can use their own "Digital Agent" completely free of charge. For athletes at national team level who still want to hire a physical agent, GT offers certified "Fair Play Agents" who only qualify after rock-hard tests and where the fee amounts to a maximum of 2%.
  4. StarSparring Apps The sports world's superstars share their "secrets to success" = the stars' own tips & advice on training methods, game techniques, matches, tactics, preparations, diet, etc. Daily guide and inspiration to athletes around the world for training and development. Created in collaboration with selected superstars from the biggest sports.
  5. GT Manager Daily administrative tool for team leaders and coaches. Calendar for training & matches, tactics & game systems, attendance report, communication with the team players via built-in messenger function, etc.