How will the innovation Global Talent help society?

Whether you were raised by parents who were olympic athletes, or parents with no background in sports at all, Global Talent will ensure that all athletes get the same tools to develop and perform. By moving the whole ecosystem of sports online, aspiring athletes, will be the master of their own destiny. Through the Global Talent network, all athletes will be able to find relevant information, screen through teams and institutions, and connect with the right people globally to find the best individual path to success. To break socioeconomic barriers and to make it a true tool for all, GT will always be free of charge for the athletes. While helping millions of children with their athletic careers, GT will focus on preventing the abuse of children within the industry, both on a local team level and on the road to become a professional.

By creating a positive online network, GT aims to steer children in the direction of sports and away from drugs, criminality and other counterproductive behaviors. While offering a better source for information and connections, we will make it much more difficult for abusive agents to sign young players to slave contracts and to bribe parents and teams into poor deals. From a team and institutional standpoint, Global Talent will be a brand new recruiting tool to scout and sign talents globally, while saving time and travel miles. With our screening features, all scouts will have an efficient instrument to narrow down the search for their specific recruiting target. GT will also provide teams and organisations with simple way to administer day-to-day activities, including profile pages with team rosters, calendar features with presence reports, and an instrument to create and manage tournaments. We, at Global Talent, aim to build a network to change the world of sports for the better. Sign up today to join us on this quest!

Global Talent is a platform visited by sponsors, scouts & recruiters globally and is approved by the biggest leagues & organisations in the world.


Institution is a collective name for entities like Academies, Clubs, Universities, High Schools. Institutions are at the top of the sports pyramid, and add all sports and teams under their umbrella. Institutions who wish to, can also add more information about themselves in what we call a GT Digital Scout. GT Digital Scout will provide athletes with crucial information about the institution. If an institution wants to recruit a specific athlete they can register a Player Invite describing what they need and/or invite prospective athletes to scheduled tryouts, who in turn can apply to invites by sending their GT Digital Agent (athlete CV). Digital Scouts, Invites & Agents are all gathered in the GT Market for easy searching and matching.


When an athlete and an institution match, they meet in the Team which has features like team calendar, messenger and GT Manager for communication, administration & tactics.


Everyone registers in the GT platform with a personal account. And through institutions and teams on the platform, you get your Role eg. admin, member, coach, manager, scout, athlete etc. While signing up, please make sure you enter a valid email address, fill all the fields, upload a profile picture and a good resolution cover photo. As part of the registration process we send out a verification email to the registered email address with an activation link, please don't forget to verify your email address and accept our user agreement by clicking on the activation link in your welcome email. If you are under 15 years old you have to have a parent or guardian approving your account, add them by editing your profile and adding a Guradian.

VERIFIED Athlete & Agent feature

If you are an athlete registered by a team, your account gets verified by your institution/team. And if you want, you can add a Digital Agent, which will serve as your sports CV from junior to pro and will help recruiters and scouts at institutions/teams to find you and offer you deals/tryouts or offer you sponsorship deals.


Institute Admins have superadmin access to the Institute profile and details. They can invite employees, register scouts, add and update adverts & teams.


Like Institute admin, Team Admins have superadmin access to the Team profile and details. They can invite athletes and players, can add and invite coaches and scouts . All members of the team can use team calendar & team messenger. And all the team coaches can use GT Manager. GT Manager is a tool to organize the team and for tactics. The Managers are WIP (work in progress) and will be released one sport at a time.

GT Digital AGENT

If you are a promising athlete you should create a GT Digital Agent, which is a very powerful way to showcase your skills and achievements in the most concise way, making it easier for Scouts to do their search and increasing your chances of being found in their talent hunt. GT Agents are shown in GT Market. One can easily share these profiles to others who are not on the GT platform.

GT Digital SCOUT

If Institutions/Teams want to be active in talent hunt to find the best sportsmen they should create a GT Scout which is also shown in GT Market. Analogous to GT Agents for athletes, GT Scout is a condensed preview of the best your Insitute/Team has to provide to the current and prospective players. These profiles can be shared externally as well.


For more effective recruiting, scouts can create GT Invites. Athletes will know what you are searching for right now and can quickly apply. Scouts and Coaches can also share these invites to those who are not on GT platform.


GT Market is a unified search engine and a meeting place. In GT Market, athletes, institutions, scouts, agents & coaches can search, follow & contact each other through our GT Agent, GT Scout & Player Advert features.

Any other Assistance

Please email us at for any queries regarding registration of a new sports institution and to get going with all the GT features, we would be more than happy to help you.

Important Note

Please make sure you use photos that can work as background for our different features like Agent and Scout. We also recommend using high resolution and uncompressed PNG images, since our platform automatically creates images which fit different scenarios. And please stick to sports related photos and posts in the Global Talent platform, thank you!